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Company Network Installation

Hardware Setting

  • Router
  • Hub
  • Software installation

  • Installing licensed software(for the company with the ISO9001), such as window server 2003, window NT, 
  • window XP, window98, window ME, window 2000)
  • Server Set-up

  • Printer server (For shearing and managing the network printer)
  • Mail server (For managing the e-mail account)
  • Data server (For managing the company data)
  • Scheduled Backup Operation

  • Having a scheduled backup operation for preventing the file losing due to some human blunder operation
  • Scheduled re-new the backup data
  • Security system

  • Providing a security log-in system(Let the defined person to open some confidential document file)
  • Preventing other people evilly delete some important file
  • All of the people have the log-in record
  • Every person have their unite login and e-mail account password
  • Anti-Virus system

  • Software anti-virus system installation (such as PC-cillin and Norton anti-virus)
  • Hardware anti-virus system installation (such as router firewall)
  • Frequency re-new the virus code
  • Live-update the windows for prevent some virus attack
  • Company Advertisement

  • Homepage making service
  • Domain name services registration
  • E-mail account management
  • PC anywhere

  • Connecting the server in different place (such as mainland China and Hong Kong)
  • Connecting the Office computer to your Home desktop
  • Optional service

  • Wireless connection
  • Fast-repair
  • Free 24hours telephone support

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